Why NOBrand Wins

NOBrand Pet Waste Products is the largest supplier of commercial dog waste products. We sell ONLY to qualified distributors and re-sellers.  

We offer the lowest prices in the industry and will never be undersold by any competitor. Our products are generic. There is no BRAND NAME on them. You make it your OWN brand. We can drop ship, provide generic brochures, sell sheets, web images, and all the support you need to profitably distribute commercial dog waste products.  
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Distributing BRANDED dog waste products (such as Crown or Dogipot®) creates two major problems: 

Problem #1: How can you increase sales and make money with competing distributors all selling the same BRANDED products? Google "Crown/Poopy Pouch or Dogipot®" (or any dog waste 'brand').You'll see pages of their distributors. Your customers can do the same and find a distributor selling that same brand for $1 less. How will you compete in the internet price war? HINT: Distribute a product line that is 'exclusive' to YOU. 

Problem #2: Lower cost products are available and competition is growing. How will you compete without cutting your profits? Customers will no longer pay inflated prices for dog waste bags. You need a value-priced alternativeHINT: To compete, distribute the LOWEST COST product line. 

The Solution: Distribute your own line of dog waste products. A line that customers cannot search online, which costs less, and makes you MORE MONEY. 

NOBrand PRICES ARE THE LOWEST – Up to 45% lower than  Crown and Dogipot®
NOBrand=MORE profit dollars per case. Sell at a lower price and make more per case.

Why the NOBrand program beats Crown and Dogipot® and everyone else:
  • PRODUCT: Complete line of dog waste bags, can liners, dispensers, stations, mini-stations, posts, and signs.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE: Our Bags and Liners fit their dispensers and cans. Our stations and dispensers match theirs, too.
  • QUALITY: Compare our quality. Our dog waste bags are thicker. Our stations and dispensers are aluminum, not poly-plastic.
LOWER PRICES and GREAT PRODUCTS aren't ENOUGH. We go 10 steps beyond, giving you real marketing support, selling tools and customer service. We work with you, not in competition against you. We support you with:
  1. A Color Brochure PDF with your company name
  2. Sell Sheet PDFs for proposals and mailings, customized with YOUR name
  3. PDFs for your email blasts, catalog and web site
  4. Free Trade Show Samples and Portable Sales Presentations
  5. Shipping Chart to easily calculate shipping costs
  6. Net 30 payment terms, with approved credit
  7. Live phone support. 9a-7p EST Mon-Fri
  8. Same Day Shipping: To you, or drop shipped to your customer
  9. Online ordering 24/7/365
  10. No Minimum Order
NOBrand vs. Crown and Dogipot® 

Whose name/bottom line is more important – Yours or Theirs?
NOBrand is the profitable solution to dog waste products distribution.
NOBrand is the PRICE LEADER. YOU become your MARKET's LEADER.

Problems SOLVED.